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  • Gushee also plays traditional jazz and ragtime, performing as a clarinetist in the New Golden Rule Orchestra.
  • David P. Gushee, a professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University, helped draft the document.
  • Dr. David P. Gushee is a Christian ethicist, historian, public intellectual, and Holocaust scholar.
  • Gushee was twice a Guggenheim Fellow, once in Europe to study sources of medieval music (particularly 14th century French music), and once relating to research into early jazz.
  • Gushee also argues that Keppard used a much more "rapid vibrato, more like an ornament, that could be used anyplace in a phrase."
  • Lawrence Gushee argues that Kingsley's quote from Hearn is most likely fraudulent.
  • That first church, dedicated in June 1893, was built at a cost of $1500 at the corner of Gushee and Felton Empire Road.
  • It is located in a historic building at 6299 Gushee St., built in 1893, known formerly as Felton Presbyterian Church.
  • It rises from Gushee Pond near Interstate 495 and flows northwest through Titicut Swamp, then turns southwest for the rest of its course.
  • Lawrence "Larry" Gushee (born 1931) is an American musicologist, who specializes in medieval music and early jazz.
  • Others, like Lawrence Gushee, insist that Keppard did have a unique approach to playing the cornet, which simply became overshadowed by Louis Armstrong's powerful influence.
  • Gushee is an internationally recognized Holocaust scholar and ethicist.
  • Gushee has served as president of Evangelicals for Human Rights, an organization advocating for an end to torture, especially that sponsored by the United States government; this organization has since become the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good.
  • According to jazz scholar Lawrence Gushee, the Original Creole Orchestra was the first African American band from New Orleans to perform jazz in over 75 cities in the USA and Canada.