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  • The water- springs have not failed to gush out since they were made. Cited from Barlaam and Ioasaph, by St. John of Damascus
  • The present-day name of the spring refers to the gushing up of the water.
  • Only I would like to have seen the blood gush out. Cited from Red Hair, by Elinor Glyn
  • According to its code, every act must gush from holy love. Cited from The Faithful Steward, by Sereno D. Clark
  • By the time I got down to him, blood was coming out of his mouth in gushes.
  • She said her words almost like a gush of warm blood from the wound of her mouth. Cited from The Vertical City, by Fannie Hurst
  • He was breathing hard, and every time he moved the blood gushed from his mouth. Cited from Ted Strong's Motor Car, by Edward C. Taylor
  • I felt the blood gush, and run down my back. Cited from Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 2 of 4, by American Anti-Slavery Society
  • A wonderful power seemed to flow through her body, like a gush of strong wine. Cited from The Captain of the Kansas, by Louis Tracy
  • New England girls rarely gushed in those days, so no one knew she was beginning to understand. Cited from Taken Alive, by E. P. Roe
  • But the newspaper gushed a good deal over your looks, you remember. Cited from Everyman's Land, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • What was my surprise to receive a gushing letter of thanks by return of post! Cited from The Reflections of Ambrosine, by Elinor Glyn
  • I fell on my face and blood gushed from my shoulder. Cited from Private Peat, by Harold R. Peat
  • We are neither of us at all gushing, and I was an old married woman, you know. Cited from Herb of Grace, by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  • Perhaps there would be none to gush -- and a good job too. Cited from Driftwood Spars, by Percival Christopher Wren
  • When this was said to him, the tears gushed from his eyes. Cited from Night & Morning, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 2
  • The long summer day was over, and the night came forth in trouble and with gushing tears. Cited from Two Summers in Guyenne, by Edward Harrison Barker
  • It remains to be seen how high their gushing fountain will play, and for how long. Cited from Home and the World, by Rabindranath Tagore
  • From the wound fresh gushing his heart's blood fast did well. Cited from Song & Legend From the Middle Ages, by McClintocks
  • When he began to speak, knowledge gushed out with his words like the gushing sea.
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