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  • And so some time went on that he went about as a free and guiltless man. Cited from The Story of Burnt Njal, by Anonymous
  • I will not say that I considered her guiltless at the time. Cited from The Hollow of Her Hand, George Barr McCutcheon
  • Though, I take it we're all guiltless of having mentioned the matter. Cited from Waste, by Granville Barker
  • Could she then believe that she was guiltless in God's sight? Cited from Dead Man's Plack and an Old Thorn, by William Henry Hudson
  • The worst that she could say was that she had been determined to believe him guiltless. Cited from The Price of Love, by Arnold Bennett
  • God will not hold a person guiltless who abuses his body in any manner. Cited from The Key To Peace, by A. Marie Miles
  • But if guiltless blood Should flow, is not your honour of more moment? Cited from Phaedra, by Jean Baptiste Racine
  • Before his friend he no longer stood pure and guiltless. Cited from O. T., A Danish Romance, by Hans C. Andersen
  • I want to go to you as guiltless as confession can make me. Cited from The Danger Mark, by Robert W. Chambers
  • Perhaps he was wondering how the young engineer knew so much if he was guiltless. Cited from Five Thousand Dollars Reward, Frank Pinkerton
  • That the girl was guiltless of any wrong-doing was plain to be seen. Cited from Beverly of Graustark, George Barr McCutcheon
  • How many of you feel quite guiltless on this score? Cited from Stray Thoughts for Girls, by Lucy H. M. Soulsby
  • You have forbidden me to write to those who could prove me guiltless. Cited from Sant' Ilario, by F. Marion Crawford
  • Rather a strange suggestion to come from one who was entirely guiltless of crime! Cited from Bucholz and the Detectives, by Allan Pinkerton
  • I'd break them, and the bishop would hold me guiltless. Cited from Two Years Ago, Volume II., by Charles Kingsley
  • Think you that God will hold this child guiltless for all the sorrow he caused his father and his mother? Cited from The Child at Home, by John S.C. Abbott
  • I felt guiltless upon all; but how to show it? Cited from In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • I own to you, it is the crime of which in my own mind I believe him most guiltless. Cited from Letters of Horace Walpole, Vol. II, by Horace Walpole
  • Who would believe him to be guiltless of crime with such a dreadful evidence as this presented against him? Cited from The Ruby of Kishmoor, by Howard Pyle
  • They would have then to consider whether he would have run away if he had been guiltless of his brother's death. Cited from The Red House Mystery, by A. A. Milne
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