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  • Both groups turn to the past to seek guidance for the present and future.
  • It could also be that he became more active in the church under his wife's guidance.
  • She initially asked Gold for guidance on how to produce a magazine, which he provided.
  • Its internal guidance system also had to be moved accordingly to its greater length.
  • There appears to be no official guidance in the matter, as even the local council uses all three forms.
  • The party provided both the guidance and the personnel for the government structure.
  • One of the initial reasons for doing this was military applications including guidance and communication systems.
  • Under his guidance, Paris became the first city of teachers the medieval world had known.
  • They offered guidance to the police on how to enter, and of hiding places.
  • They are performed under the guidance and authority of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Both of them use the term guidance as means to support learning, and how it can be used more effectively.
  • Advance surface movement guidance and control system has been introduced in the ATC tower.
  • Full information including application form guidance notes are on the English Heritage website.
  • The young king grew up under the guidance and heavy influence of the Jesuits.
  • The team has been under the guidance of four coaches since their inception.
  • They have command guidance but are planned to be self-guided in the future.
  • People are often encouraged to complete both documents to provide comprehensive guidance regarding their care.
  • Business rules provide detailed guidance about how a strategy can be translated to action.
  • Reading was no longer simply an academic pursuit or an attempt to gain spiritual guidance.
  • Meanwhile, at the back of the factory, where the guidance system was being produced, no damage was done.
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Meaning of guidance

  • noun Something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  • noun The act of guiding or showing the way