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  • As the family grew, music continued to be an important part of family life.
  • It also has a longer growing season than most other areas in the UK.
  • The movement was allowed in the north, but never grew to a large scale.
  • The Games have grown so much that nearly every nation is now represented.
  • The plant usually grows back to health when put back to better conditions.
  • Canada's national program has grown to be one of the most successful programs.
  • Growing up, she did not have many friends and stayed home a lot.
  • The modern game grew from English public schools in the early 19th century.
  • The network is recently growing with the construction of the new high-speed rail network.
  • From this building, which is still in use, the present hospital complex has grown.
  • This lake was covered during the early 18th century as the city grew.
  • The city grew as the population did, coming up against the lake's waters.
  • The health care industry has been quickly growing, and is the third largest in Canada.
  • This grain is grown on more land area than any other commercial food.
  • Canada has grown from a minor player in the video-games industry to a major industry player.
  • Plants from all over the world grow in different sections of the park.
  • Trade between the two countries has grown over the years.
  • His first son would grow up to follow Williams in becoming a doctor.
  • Left alone, it will grow as high as possible on the support, with few flowers.
  • But, after they grew older and went their separate ways, the game came to an end.
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Meaning of grow

  • verb Become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain
    The problem grew too large for me, Her business grew fast
  • verb Increase in size by natural process
    Corn doesn't grow here, In these forests, mushrooms grow under the trees, her hair doesn't grow much anymore
  • verb Cause to grow or develop
    He grows vegetables in his backyard
  • verb Cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques
    The Bordeaux region produces great red wines, They produce good ham in Parma, We grow wheat here, We raise hogs here
  • verb Come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
    He grew a beard, The patient developed abdominal pains, I got funny spots all over my body, Well-developed breasts
  • verb Become attached by or as if by the process of growth
    The tree trunks had grown together