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  • Eventually he built off this groundwork of material and used it on later released albums.
  • In our first year of operation we began to lay down the groundwork for a successful high school.
  • In many other cases, military aid has laid the groundwork for other forms of aid.
  • He had already laid the groundwork where she was going with it.
  • These new bands laid the groundwork for an increasingly strong high school music program.
  • Together, they laid the groundwork for what would be known as the French house movement.
  • For this purpose let us lay down the required groundwork to proceed further.
  • Before the second wave there were some important events which laid the groundwork for it.
  • The meeting was to lay the groundwork for the creation of a new political party.
  • This laid the groundwork for a second similar scandal some six years later.
  • Further writing can be found on his personal web site at Groundwork.
  • Most of the groundwork for the northern extension was put in place around this time.
  • His first government did lay the groundwork for future progress.
  • Other group activities include civil engineering construction - primarily groundwork and vehicle maintenance.
  • Students study science and mathematics, which form part of the groundwork for future learning.
  • This work laid much of the groundwork for the subject, but a great deal of research has taken place since that time.
  • Each laid the groundwork for founding of what was to become the world's largest naval base.
  • It was in that year that the groundwork was laid for the new Catholic church.
  • This has been taken as setting the groundwork for the end of slavery in the state.
  • Kennedy is known to have worked for years to help lay the groundwork for these institutions.
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Meaning of groundwork

  • noun Preliminary preparation as a basis or foundation
    we are prepared today because of groundwork that was done ten years ago