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  • The company also claims that its greases will never dry out or set.
  • A piece of greased paper placed over the meat is also considered good. Cited from Fowler's Household Helps, by A. L. Fowler
  • Oil or grease can be used as a release agent if needed.
  • How often in our young days have we greased our hair in his cabbin? Cited from Customs And Manners Of The Micmakis And Maricheets, by Maillard
  • He has stated that the characters of Grease were based on actual people he attended school with.
  • Place in a greased pan, cover and let rise for one-half hour. Cited from Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book, by Mary A. Wilson
  • It had been well greased, and I turned it without much difficulty. Cited from Stephen Archer and Other Tales,by George MacDonald
  • He's been well greased, and he won't know anything. Cited from The White Moll, by Frank L. Packard
  • Place in greased bowl, cover and set aside in warm place to rise two hours. Cited from The Story of Crisco, by Marion Harris Neil
  • Of the several years the young artists' production took place, the first and last were Grease.
  • He also performed at Party in the Park with the company of Grease.
  • Over the centuries, all manner of materials have been employed as greases.
  • Unlike Grease, the film was neither a critical nor a commercial success.
  • I could not have got up the well-greased pole if I had attempted it. Cited from Rattlin the Reefer, by Edward Howard
  • The material may break but no greasing effect will occur.
  • Several years later she was called to read for Grease.
  • This version also contains Grease as track fifteen, instead of in the hidden time.
  • Lay the fish flesh side down in a well greased, very hot pan. Cited from How to Cook Fish, by Olive Green
  • Grease has produced several artists throughout his career.
  • Their hair stood straight up, and their bodies were greased. Cited from From the Bottom Up, by Alexander Irvine
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Meaning of grease

  • noun A thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)
  • verb Lubricate with grease
    grease the wheels