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  • The species has recently been found living in open grassy areas.
  • Another common use is for burning the marked lines into grassy sports fields.
  • The aircraft was later moved to a grassy field near the base.
  • It is found in short dry grassy areas, usually near the sea.
  • It's running track was completed soon after on an empty grassy field.
  • Grassy field in front and tree-covered hill in the back.
  • A large grassy area, where troops could stage before drops, lay between the two buildings.
  • The track is long and wide and surrounded by grassy banks on all sides.
  • The ground has also retained grassy hill areas along the eastern and northern edges.
  • The Green is a central open grassy area on the campus that is popular with students.
  • The park has preserved within its boundaries a small grassy section of the road.
  • A large open grassy area is adjacent to the site for games.
  • The grounds included a play area and a large grassy field.
  • Within the complex, the building was surrounded by a large grassy area.
  • These birds are often found on open bars on river islands as well as on open grassy areas.
  • It came to a grassy area and extended itself as if dead, with eyes shut and lips closed.
  • Gloom can also be found in most grassy areas of most regions.
  • The music video shows the band in a grassy field surrounded by wildlife.
  • The outline of the church can be made out in the grassy space that remains.
  • To maintain it in a grassy condition, the land was burned, often several times a year.
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Synonyms of grassy

Meaning of grassy

  • adjective Abounding in grass