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  • His mother died of a heart attack when he was in third grade.
  • Her father took her out of school when she was in the eighth grade.
  • He became a regular player in grade nine and earned a starting position in grade ten.
  • Primary school continues until grade four, five or six, depending on the school.
  • She began reading when she was very young and started writing when she was in the sixth grade.
  • These schools have received average grades from the state in previous years.
  • He dropped out of high school in tenth grade to join the army.
  • The project raised much of central Chicago to a new grade.
  • Field-grade military officers declared their support for the concept.
  • By most accounts, he only attended school through the fourth grade.
  • She made her acting debut in a sixth grade play.
  • At least two years later, the entire length of the route had been graded.
  • Two Russian high-grade army and navy systems were broken.
  • This grading system is used from middle-school up to university level.
  • Around this time, two miles of the proposed route were in fact graded.
  • His house there is now a grade I listed building.
  • All three types of science high school also maintain different grading systems.
  • The first and second grades carried on a study of community life in which they actually built a city.
  • She even demands that her mother grade her for no obvious reason.
  • Except in the highest grades, the difference in value between the two is minor.
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Meaning of grade

  • noun A relative position or degree of value in a graded group
    lumber of the highest grade
  • noun The gradient of a slope or road or other surface
    the road had a steep grade
  • noun A degree of ablaut
  • noun The height of the ground on which something stands
    the base of the tower was below grade
  • noun A variety of cattle produced by crossbreeding with a superior breed
  • verb Level to the right gradient
  • verb Assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation
    grade tests, score the SAT essays, mark homework
  • verb Determine the grade of or assign a grade to