graciously extended

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  • Richard took the gift, and knelt to kiss the hand so graciously extended to him. Cited from The Lancashire Witches, by William Harrison Ainsworth
  • Mrs. Ford graciously extended her hand, which he took, and bowed very low over; she was nearest him. Cited from Bart Ridgeley, by A. G. Riddle
  • Why did Count Voss press the king's hand, which was that moment graciously extended to him, to his lips? Cited from Frederick the Great and His Court, L. Muhlbach
  • She then saw that Mrs Clayton Vernon's hand was graciously extended. Cited from The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories, by Arnold Bennett
  • Florrie, however, easily kept her countenance, and with a pert smile took the hand which her former mistress graciously extended. Cited from Hilda Lessways, by Arnold Bennett
  • Captain Kidd graciously extended his hand and bade your correspondent welcome. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, April, 1873, Vol. XI, No. 25, by Various
  • As Mr. Morris and Calvert advanced into the room he rose and graciously extended a hand to each of the gentlemen. Cited from Calvert of Strathore, by Carter Goodloe
  • On being appealed to, the CZAR graciously extended the time given for quitting Russia to forty-eight hours. Cited from Punch, Vol. 100, June 20, 1891, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Sinking upon one knee by Monmouth's stirrup, he kissed the hand which was graciously extended to him. Cited from Micah Clarke, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Panther graciously extended an enormous palm, and the great palm of Fields met it in a giant clasp. Cited from The Texan Scouts, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • At the foot of this stood one whom well he knew, and with an inarticulate exclamation of delight he threw himself upon one knee before the young Prince, and pressed his lips to the hand graciously extended to him. Cited from In the Days of Chivalry, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • When they came in presence of the king and queen, they threw themselves on their knees, and would have kissed their feet as their saviors and deliverers, but the sovereigns prevented such humiliation and graciously extended to them their hands. Cited from Conquest of Granada, by Washington Irving
  • When the last hymn was sung the German conducted the officiator to Tant Sannie, who graciously extended her hand, and offered coffee and a seat on the sofa. Cited from The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner #4
  • For the man to whom this clemency was graciously extended had been condemned and executed between the columns of San Marco and San Teodoro, ten years before -- standing accused of conspiracy against the State. Cited from A Golden Book of Venice, by Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull
  • For the moment all this was no more than a confession that the Association, originally designed as a finely chiseled stepping-stone to reconciliation, was likely to prove a stumbling-block unless the King graciously extended his royal hand to give a hearty lift. Cited from The Eve of the Revolution, by Carl Becker
  • Alexander being in Rome, I was secretly presented To him there, and from his hand Which was graciously extended, With his blessing I received Holy Orders, which the seraphs Well might envy me, since man Only such an honour merits. Cited from The Wonder-Working Magician, by Calderon
  • She smiled -- a strange smile, dazzling yet enigmatical -- and something wild and voluptuous seemed to stir in Gervase's pulses as he touched the small hand, loaded with quaint Egyptian gems, which she graciously extended towards him. Cited from Ziska, by Marie Corelli
  • Mr Carker bowed to the imperious form of the Bride, whose sparkling eye was fixed upon her husband; and stopping at Cleopatra's couch on his way out, raised to his lips the hand she graciously extended to him, in lowly and admiring homage. Cited from Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens