graciously bestowed

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  • Henry V is credited with its construction, but he only graciously bestowed his royal licence. Cited from Vanishing England, by P. H. Ditchfield
  • Never before did I feel such reason to be grateful for what little inspiration heaven has graciously bestowed upon my humble intellect. Cited from The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, by William Wordsworth
  • If God has graciously bestowed on you the gift of a sweet voice, use it in praising Him. Cited from The Book of Delight, by Israel Abrahams
  • Moreover, in the highest sense she is truly an ambassadress of our race, for the kiss which she so graciously bestowed on Mlle. Cited from Punch, Vol. 158, June 30th, 1920, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • This style of fulsome flattery, with some degree of soft attention, graciously bestowed upon women, these men deem adequate compensation for all the indignities put upon their so-called inferiors. Cited from Woman: Man's Equal, by Thomas Webster
  • The privileges so graciously bestowed upon the Grand Duchy of Finland by Alexander I. were for the first time invaded. Cited from A Short History of Russia, by Mary Platt Parmele
  • Lamb's discharge or relief was timely and graciously bestowed. Cited from Charles Lamb: A Memoir, by Barry Cornwall
  • Mercies and favors of which I am totally unworthy have been graciously bestowed this morning, and, may I hope, a small capacity granted to enter into the sanctuary and pray. Cited from A Brief Memoir of Eliza Southall, by Eliza Southall
  • Only a few days before this grave news arrived, my wife had received a token from her Majesty, graciously bestowed when she was in power and prosperity; this was now more deeply prized since adversity had fallen so heavily upon her. Cited from Ismailia, by Samuel W. Baker
  • "Well, colonel, absurd as it seems even to myself, the queen has graciously bestowed upon me the estate of la Villar, by which gift she says I become as its owner the Baron de la Villar." Cited from Won by the Sword, by G.A. Henty
  • In this beautiful Chalice and Paten, so graciously bestowed on us, we recognize, venerable father and dear brethren of the Church in Connecticut, the expression both of your faith toward God and of your love toward us. Cited from Commemorative Services, by Diocese Of Connecticut
  • Finally the host sent for a basket of fruit -- great pale Egyptian melons, pomegranates, oranges, figs -- and graciously bestowed it upon the gifted galley-slave. Cited from Masters of the Guild, by L. Lamprey
  • And now, fellow-citizens, I can not bring this communication to a close without invoking you to join me in humble and devout thanks to the Great Ruler of Nations for the multiplied blessings which He has graciously bestowed upon us. Cited from A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Volume V, Pa
  • And indeed if so wonderful a prophet, having a fore-knowledge of divine secrets, wished so anxiously to consider how he might gratefully repay the blessings graciously bestowed, what can we fitly do, who are but rude thanksgivers and most greedy receivers, laden with infinite divine benefits? Cited from The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury
  • Some even thought that Finland ought to be Russianized precisely as Poland had been; but convinced of its loyalty, the Grand Principality was spared, and the privileges so graciously bestowed by Alexander the First were confirmed. Cited from A Short History of Russia, by Mary Platt Parmele
  • It adjoins the altar-room, but does not interfere with it, nor with the privileges so graciously bestowed on the public by Mr. Harcourt -- permitting patriots or fishermen to visit the island, and picnic in a tent prepared for the purpose, under the shelter of some superb walnut trees. Cited from Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Vol 2, Halsey