graciously assented

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  • King Edmund most graciously assented and yielded to his words, though he could not be forced by arms. Cited from Alfgar the Dane or the Second Chronicle of Aescendune, by A. D. Crake
  • She graciously assented and they left the rooms together. Cited from Septimus, by William J. Locke
  • To this she graciously assented, and he left her. Cited from The Pleasant Street Partnership, by Mary F. Leonard
  • McIntosh having thus graciously assented, Vandeloup took him up to the Club, and introduced him all round as the manager of the famous Pactolus. Cited from Madame Midas, by Fergus Hume
  • He then spoke of his having to go on to the wedding, a proposition to which Mr. Sloane graciously assented -- much more than assented. Cited from Stories by American Authors, Volume 5, by Various
  • To these and other equally profound and original remarks the old woman graciously assented, and finally invited the young gentleman to partake of a cup of scau-tcheou. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 20, June, 1859, by Various
  • To this the king graciously assented, and I was received into the palace, where I soon found means of letting the princess know of my disguise, and was taken into her apartments as one of her immediate attendants. Cited from Hindoo Tales, Translated by P. W. Jacob
  • Accordingly he was formally petitioned by Parliament in December to take the princess to wife, to which petition he graciously assented, and the union of the red and white roses was accomplished in January. Cited from England Under the Tudors, by Arthur D. Innes
  • For this consideration, and with the feeling of satisfaction which a good supper not an hour ago gives even to the hungry stomach of a child of three years old, Bella, after some thought, graciously assented to the sacrifice. Cited from Sylvia's Lovers (All), by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • "Lady Alice, will you try that duet of Helmer's?" asked Katherine; and Lady Alice graciously assented. Cited from A Crooked Path, by Mrs. Alexander
  • The Moslem had graciously assented, saying that he would do it as a great favour to the chief of the police, and that no "European" woman had ever visited an Ipek harem. Cited from The Luck of Thirteen, by Jan Gordon and Cora J. Gordon
  • In April Cranmer requested permission to be allowed to hold a court to consider Henry's marriage with Catharine, to which request, inspired as it had been by himself, the king graciously assented. Cited from History of the Catholic Church, V 2 by MacCaffrey
  • To this Mr. Bill, finding time hang heavy upon his hands, and wishing to be kept out of the temptation of the rum-cask, graciously assented, saying that he had seen some sharp fish-bones lying about which would be the very thing, though he shook his head at the idea of using gunpowder as the medium. Cited from Mr. Meeson's Will, by H. Rider Haggard
  • One regiment, the Seventy-seventh, was sent on picket on the banks of the Antietam creek, and so pleasant was the duty that the regiment petitioned to be allowed to remain until the army moved, to which request General Neill very graciously assented. Cited from Three Years in the Sixth Corps, by George T. Stevens
  • Mrs. Carroll glanced at Debby, and as that young lady was regarding Mr. Joe with a friendly aspect, owing to the warmth of his words, she graciously assented, and the youth departed on his errand. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 70, August, 1863
  • Miss McCabe graciously assented; her chaperon, Lady Rathcoffey, was summoned by her from the inner chamber and the society of Miss Blossom, the typewriter; the pair drove away, and Merton was left to his own reflections. Cited from The Disentanglers, by Andrew Lang