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  • A few members of the organization have come and gone over the years.
  • They were finally selected and told they were going to be a band.
  • They may go down the middle of the station, or down the side.
  • Things were going as they should for a team that could win the west.
  • Despite this, he continued to go to his office three days a week.
  • Going back through history we can see how this has taken place.
  • He would go on to win the title a further three times.
  • He told his wife that he thought he was going to die that night.
  • To date the award has always gone to a member of the winning side.
  • In some cases these may still have gone on for several years.
  • Video games have gone on to become an art form and industry.
  • A tree is accepted if every branch can be gone through this way.
  • It was hard for me in my state to make out what was going on.
  • You're going to have to give it to me over the radio.
  • The team went on to win seven straight games and their conference co-championship.
  • The western bank part of the old city is now completely gone.
  • He was trying to make up his mind about what he was going to do.
  • We cannot go back, but neither do we want to go back.
  • Had the series gone on for a fifth season, the story would have continued.
  • A few reached it, but most were cut down before they had gone half way. Cited from The Texan Scouts, by Joseph A. Altsheler
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Meaning of go

  • noun A time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
    it's my go, a spell of work
  • noun A board game for two players who place counters on a grid; the object is to surround and so capture the opponent's counters
  • verb Follow a procedure or take a course
    We should go farther in this matter, She went through a lot of trouble, go about the world in a certain manner, Messages must go through diplomatic channels
  • verb Move away from a place into another direction
    Go away before I start to cry, The train departs at noon
  • verb Be awarded; be allotted
    The first prize goes to Mary, Her money went on clothes
  • verb Be abolished or discarded
    These ugly billboards have to go!, These luxuries all had to go under the Khmer Rouge
  • verb Be or continue to be in a certain condition
    The children went hungry that day
  • verb Pass, fare, or elapse; of a certain state of affairs or action
    How is it going?, The day went well until I got your call
  • verb Be ranked or compare
    This violinist is as good as Juilliard-trained violinists go
  • verb Be contained in
    How many times does 18 go into 54?
  • verb Be sounded, played, or expressed
    How does this song go again?
  • verb Lead, extend, or afford access
    This door goes to the basement, The road runs South
  • verb Be spent
    All my money went for food and rent
  • adjective Functioning correctly and ready for action
    all systems are go