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  • A special note is that his eyes glowed when he was using his power.
  • All the forest glowed red in the setting sun when he returned home. Cited from The Young Trailers, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • They also replaced his heart-shaped energy core with a glowing blue one.
  • His dark eyes glowed upon her with the look she liked best to see. Cited from A College Girl, by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  • Some came in glow in the dark, some in blood red, and some black and white.
  • Plants four and five times life size glowed green on the wall. Cited from Plague Ship, by Andre Norton
  • The eyes of his soul glowed like the eyes of his body. Cited from The Judge, by Rebecca West
  • Water, earth, and sky glowed as if they had been set on fire. Cited from Away in the Wilderness, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • He loved his Master, and his love glows through much of his writing. Cited from Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 1, July-December, 1864, by Various
  • The glow in the former two groups is a yellow-green color.
  • Her hand glowed with a blue light when she did this.
  • They would be almost hot enough to glow red hot.
  • They have no faces to speak of except a single glowing eye.
  • His eyes glowed as he watched her, and a soft look came on his face. Cited from A Mating in the Wilds, by Ottwell Binns
  • She is dressed completely in white, and has fire-red glowing eyes.
  • A red glow appears under the skin at the temple of the old man's head.
  • She measured out a space upon the walls where it still glowed bright. Cited from The Four Feathers, by A. E. W. Mason
  • They also receive a glowing aura so that they stand out against other characters.
  • Her breast, neck and face glow in the same light that models her hands.
  • The low-pressure gas glows when a current was passed through it.
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Meaning of glow

  • noun A feeling of considerable warmth
    the glow of new love, a glow of regret
  • noun A steady even light without flames
  • verb Emit a steady even light without flames
    The fireflies were glowing and flying about in the garden
  • verb Have a complexion with a strong bright color, such as red or pink
    Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna
  • verb Be exuberant or high-spirited
    Make the people's hearts glow
  • verb Experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion
    She was beaming with joy, Her face radiated with happiness