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  • The glandular region covers the lower third to half of the inner surface.
  • It has glandular scale-like leaves along its surface.
  • Such glandular activity is an important physiological condition of these higher levels of energy. Cited from How to Use Your Mind, by Harry D. Kitson
  • The glandular region covers only the lower third of the inner pitcher surface.
  • These are empty and give no sign of glandular activity.
  • Due to a glandular problem, however, his face was swollen and his voice was weak.
  • This species can sometimes be distinguished from its similar-looking relatives by glandular hairs on its leaves.
  • Apparently having no need of more glandular material or another brain, Cheela returns to human form.
  • So we should find that particular infections run with special internal glandular predominances. Cited from The Glands Regulating Personality, by Louis Berman, M.D
  • He played two games in his first season with Essendon but ended the season with glandular fever.
  • They feed on the glandular trichomes, leaves and flowers of their host plant.
  • Later that month he was diagnosed with glandular fever, putting an end to his season.
  • The glandular zone covers the lower half of the inner surface.
  • The glandular region covers the lower third of the inner surface of the pitcher.
  • The inner surface of the pitcher is glandular in its lower half.
  • They are also unique in their use of glandular secretion when laying eggs.
  • As she celebrated, she found out she had glandular fever and because of this she was unable to do much promotion for the song.
  • The glandular region covers the lower two-thirds of the inner surface.
  • The glandular inflorescence bears one or more flowers, each between one and two centimeters in total length.
  • The pericardium is in contact with this glandular section throughout its entire length, but is scarcely more than half as extensive.
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Meaning of glandular

  • adjective Relating to or affecting or functioning as a gland
    glandular malfunctions