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  • R. giganticus is the largest mammal known from the Mesozoic era.
  • Now if a fellow only had a drove of Giganticus cows, with old Olympus for 'em to run over free, where would the other ice-cream fellows be? Cited from A Strange Discovery, by Charles Romyn Dake
  • He has described species such as Goyocephale lattimorei, Achillobator giganticus and Erlikosaurus andrewsi.
  • Repenomamus is a gobiconodontid mammal genus containing two species, Repenomamus robustus and Repenomamus giganticus.
  • Since 2008, Mose Giganticus has toured North America in a waste vegetable oil-fueled tour bus assembled and maintained personally by Garfield.
  • Tenoroc orders Fossil to raise an army of giant dinosaurs to rule the multiverse and Fossil starts by reanimating the king of the dinosaurs- Rexus Giganticus.
  • Introduction: Wile E. Coyote, standing on the road, pulls out an arrow-shaped sign saying "Coyote" and another saying "Apetitius Giganticus".
  • The status of the supposedly extinct Quetzalcoatl Draconus Giganticus, shortened to Quetzalcoatl, is up for debate, called either a subspecies of dragons or gargoyles or sometimes a class of their own.
  • Meanwhile, the second Hiccup was adopted by Grimler dragons and learned to speak Dragonese, but was found by Hooligans, and he and his adopted step dragon brother, a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus named Furious, lived with Grimbeard.
  • It lived in what is now Burkhant, Mongolia and was first (partially) described by Perle, Norell & Clark, in 1999, with a potential "type species" of "A. giganticus".
  • T. saginata, the beef tapeworm, can grow up to 20 m (65 ft); the largest species, the whale tapeworm Polygonoporus giganticus, can grow to over 30 m (100 ft).
  • Stylistically, Mose Giganticus is most notable for the incorporation of vocoder and synthesizer into traditionally "guitar-centric" musical genres, as well as for Garfield's prominent use of a modified Roland AX-7 keytar in their live performances.
  • He helped Toran and Bayta Darrell abduct Magnifico Giganticus, the clown of the Mule, from Kalgan; ignorant of Magnifico's true identity as the Mule himself.