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  • Nature has sometimes, indeed, afforded examples of enormous, wonderful and gigantick memory. Cited from The Works of Samuel Johnson in Nine Volumes, Vol. IV, by Samuel Johnson
  • But this gigantick phantom of collective power vanishes at once into air and emptiness, at the first attempt to put it into action. Cited from The Works of Samuel Johnson in Nine Volumes, Vol. IV, by Samuel Johnson
  • His person was large, robust, I may say approaching to the gigantick, and grown unwieldy from corpulency. Cited from Life Of Johnson, Volume 5, by Boswell
  • Even at this time, my lords, was I sufficiently confident of the power of my own country, to set at defiance, in my own mind, this gigantick state. Cited from The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol. 11., by Samuel Johnson
  • Some of these Books (notwithstanding their Gigantick bigness) he wrote with one Pen, where he himself thus pleasantly versified. Cited from Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687), by William Winstanley
  • This buildin' is like a main spring to a watch, or the pendulum to a gigantick clock -- it regulates the hull of the rest of the works. Cited from Samantha at the World's Fair, by Marietta Holley
  • Boreman's earliest works included his 1740 Gigantick Histories, miniature books with illustrations and a list of subscribing readers, including the names of children as well as parents.
  • As I grow old I wave often in the grey pendulous mosses of the South, or stand in thought under the gigantick branches of the live oak, with all its leaves of laurel, and its heroick gesture. Cited from Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine, Jan. 1844, Vol. 23, Nbr. 1
  • But beside these large and gigantick pines, there is the spinet, with sharp thick bristles, yielding a rosin or liquor odorous, and useful in carpentary-work. Cited from Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2), by John Evelyn
  • However, at last, being sensible of the Truth of it, he gave Orders for our Rear to be attack'd; but we kept fireing from Ditch to Ditch, and Hedge to Hedge, till Night came upon us; and so our little Army got clear of its gigantick Enemy with very inconsiderable Loss. Cited from Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, by Daniel Defoe
  • The cathedral has a massiness and solidity, such as I have seen in no other place; it rather awes than pleases, as it strikes with a kind of gigantick dignity, and aspires to no other praise than that of rocky solidity and indeterminate duration. Cited from Dr. Johnson's Works: Life, Poems, and Tales, Volume 1,by Samuel Johnson
  • How did they rivet, with gigantick piles, Thorough the center their new-catched miles; And to the stake a struggling country bound, Where barking waves still bait the forced ground; Building their wat'ry Babel far more high To reach the sea, than those to scale the sky! Cited from A Wanderer in Holland, by E. V. Lucas
  • The Goddess of FALSEHOOD was of a Gigantick Stature, and advanced some Paces before the Front of her Army: but as the dazling Light, which flowed from TRUTH, began to shine upon her, she faded insensibly; insomuch that in a little Space she looked rather like an huge Phantom, than a real Substance. Cited from The Spectator, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele
  • G before i is hard, as give, except in giant, gigantick, gibbet, gibe, giblets, Giles, gill, gilliflower, gin, ginger, gingle, to which may be added Egypt and gypsy. Cited from A Grammar of the English Tongue, by Samuel Johnson
  • CATULLUS tells us, ev'ry matron sage Will peep most willingly (whate'er her age), At that gigantick gift, which Juno made, To Venus' fruit, in gardens oft displayed. Cited from The Picture &c, by De La Fontaine
  • "Cervisial coctor's viduate dame, Opinst thou this gigantick frame, Procumbing at thy shrine, Shall catinated by thy charms, A captive in thy ambient arms Perennially be thine." Cited from Literary Remains of Mrs. Piozzi, Part 1, by Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi