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  • He took the program from her and gravely and gigantically wrote his name across all the length of it. Cited from The Valley of the Moon, by Jack London
  • The two or three cases of this that occur in history have always been gibbeted gigantically. Cited from A Miscellany of Men, by G. K. Chesterton
  • A gigantically fat woman, she made up in breadth what she lacked in length. Cited from The Silent House, by Fergus Hume
  • We were still among the pines, which towered gigantically all around us, but were no longer alone. Cited from Continental Monthly, Vol I, Issue I, January 1862, by Various
  • For here, indeed, they were gigantically at play together, and the sight appealed to the imagination. Cited from Famous Modern Ghost Stories, by Various, Ed.: Emily Dorothy Scarborough
  • Its vast disrupted walls tower gigantically over the plain. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in 1850-51, Volume 1, by James Richardson
  • She rose, went to the window, and in the dim light watched the trees gigantically tossing in struggle for their life. Cited from Colonel Quaritch, V.C., by H. Rider Haggard
  • Palmer continues to write and record, concentrating particularly on the artists signed to his production company, Gigantically Small.
  • The value and physical volume of manufactured exports by developing countries increased gigantically more than the actual income obtained by the producers.
  • The fat man, without his hat and with his face very red and wet, loomed up gigantically in the snow-pile. Cited from Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays, by Annie Roe Carr
  • Outlined against the dim light shed by a shaded night-lamp, he looked gigantically square and strong. Cited from The Keeper of the Door, by Ethel M. Dell
  • But this titanic land did all things gigantically. Cited from The Covered Wagon, by Emerson Hough
  • The shadows of those who passed between the monument and the church, glided gigantically along its red walls, as if they were spirits who were taking part in the festival. Cited from True Story of My Life, by Hans Christian Andersen
  • The rooms are not cavernously large nor the ceilings gigantically high.
  • He is gigantically fat, with a real Cossack face. Cited from My War Experiences in Two Continents, by Sarah Macnaughtan
  • He then signed the duo to his music production company, Gigantically Small, and they would eventually sign to Mercury Records through Universal Music Australia.
  • But many American papers seized on the challenge as a great event; and the Sun threw the shadow of Mr Boulnois quite gigantically across its pages. Cited from The Wisdom of Father Brown, by G.K. Chesterton #3
  • His muscles seemed to follow the bones underneath them; and now beholding him, the surprised spectators saw a man of gigantic proportions gigantically moved. Cited from Lying Prophets, by Eden Phillpotts
  • So blend the turrets and shadows there That all seem pendulous in air, While from a proud tower in the town Death looks gigantically down. Cited from The Golden Treasury of American Songs and Lyrics, by Various
  • Gigantically Small signed the wonderful Dash and Will in 2007 and then inked a deal with Universal.
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