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  • Iris giganticaerulea and Iris hexagona are considered too tender for cultivation in the UK.
  • Iris giganticaerulea is the most recognizable Louisiana iris species.
  • The species is hypothesized to originate as a result of a span of several years of closed-off habitats, and interbreeding of other Louisiana iris species (I. fulva, I. giganticaerulea, and I. brevicaulis), causing the species hybrid to gain stability as its own species.
  • In 2002, Henderson re-classified both of Small's species Iris giganticaerulea (located in coastal Alabama to Louisiana) and Iris savannarum (located in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) as distinct species.
  • It blooms between April and May,(a week or 2 later then Iris fulva and Iris giganticaerulea, in the UK - June) with up to 10 flowers, that are 4-5 inches across.