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  • The god Bumba was said to appear like a gigantic man in form and white in color.
  • One such famous source is a poster of the ship with the name Gigantic at the top.
  • A gigantic backbone was also found, and was almost as high as a man.
  • These gates are all painted in white, with gigantic red doors.
  • As he does so, it turns out that the big bowl on his head is a gigantic alarm bell.
  • He then discovers the gigantic new island forming as a result of the crystal.
  • This plant is a gigantic inflorescence that is unique all over the world.
  • She then transforms into a gigantic dragon to battle the prince herself.
  • Its main feature is a gigantic model swan with all flowers planted in it.
  • Arjuna, however, became very much afraid upon seeing the gigantic form of everything, distinct from the material experience.
  • For example, light brown represents small hills while dark brown either represents gigantic mountains or the large peaks of a mountain.
  • To make this gigantic structure possible there were many professional workers and statue makers from India.
  • This formed a pair of ice dams, one gigantic, and one significantly smaller.
  • This mountain range is composed by gigantic summits covered with snow, which are among the most beautiful of the world.
  • A gigantic banyan tree, considered to be India's second largest, is also near the lake.
  • Even today people still ask the question "how could a tiny spark turn into such a gigantic flame"?
  • That, however, was a very small animal, the significance of which for gigantic forms could be denied.
  • The new plan proposed plants on a gigantic scale, on the Angara river.
  • Rolling the dice is the first thing the player must do once placed on the gigantic virtual board.
  • During one battle, his gigantic fists were separated and later actually turned into housing by other superheroes.
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