gigantic stature

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  • My only hope is that I certainly see very many difficulties of gigantic stature. Cited from More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume I
  • There stood before me productions of earth, but of gigantic stature, which my uncle immediately named. Cited from Journey to Interior of Earth, by Verne
  • She was a slight little woman, almost a child in appearance beside the man's gigantic stature. Cited from The Girl in the Golden Atom, by Raymond King Cummings
  • On a golden throne on the further side of the round table was a king of gigantic stature and august presence. Cited from The Art of the Story-Teller, by Marie L. Shedlock
  • He then threw himself into a martial attitude, and drew himself up to the full height of his gigantic stature. Cited from The Vicomte de Bragelonne, by Alexandre Dumas
  • The leader of the approaching band was a man of gigantic stature, more than six inches above the six-feet mark. Cited from The Junior Classics, Various
  • Among the crowd stood several men of gigantic stature, even more savage-looking than the rest, armed with huge knotted clubs. Cited from Happy Jack, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • When we came to bind our prisoner with strong ropes we were more than ever impressed with his gigantic stature and strength. Cited from Edison's Conquest of Mars, by Garrett Putnam Serviss
  • He was called John Garbh from his gigantic stature and great strength.
  • They were motionless and they were exaggerated into gigantic stature against the red background. Cited from The Texan Scouts, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Sedusa loses her hair once more, as well as her gigantic stature.
  • But perhaps, after all, the thing which gained and fixed his mastery over his fellows was to a great degree his gigantic stature and strength. Cited from Abraham Lincoln: A History V1, by Nicolay & Hay
  • Besides, the monarch is of gigantic stature, and the dress is therefore neither unbecoming nor over large. Cited from The Works of Edgar Allan Poe V1[Raven Edition]
  • Is not the machine now proposed of this gigantic stature? Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 4 (of 4), ed. by T.J. Randolph
  • There was nothing now to tell that we were near Soudan, except perhaps a few tholukh-trees of gigantic stature. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in 1850-51, Volume 1, by James Richardson
  • From across the street Cuthbert saw the door open and the figure of a man of almost gigantic stature block the doorway. Cited from The Lost House, by Richard Harding Davis
  • The shadow was not unlike that of a man in shape, but of such gigantic stature that Mark knew it could be like no human being he had ever seen. Cited from Five Thousand Miles Underground, by Roy Rockwood
  • Knew that he had but to rise, to assume gigantic stature. Cited from Civilization, by Ellen Newbold La Motte
  • There rushes in at the hall-door a knight of gigantic stature -- the greatest on earth -- in measure high. Cited from Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight, by Anonymous
  • He was of gigantic stature, larger than the majority of his subjects, and as near as I could judge must have been between fifteen and sixteen feet in height. Cited from Edison's Conquest of Mars, by Garrett Putnam Serviss
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