gigantic figure

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  • Though he was sitting, I could make out that his was a gigantic figure. Cited from Old Man Savarin and Other Stories, by Edward William Thomson
  • There is something remarkable in the central position of this gigantic figure. Cited from A Field Book of the Stars, by William Tyler Olcott
  • There was hardly an avenue to reputation save what was occupied by one or another of those gigantic figures. Cited from Sketches and Studies, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • At the same time his now gigantic figure stood obstinately across the path to our main objective. Cited from Jailed for Freedom, by Doris Stevens
  • Instead, a gigantic figure with thick black hair and beard rose up in the bush. Cited from The Tree of Appomattox, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • The broad, rich land demanded gigantic figures, and the minds of men had created the figures. Cited from Poor White, by Sherwood Anderson
  • Right before me and most conspicuous was the gigantic figure of Martin. Cited from Elder Conklin and Other Stories, by Frank Harris
  • A gigantic figure stood out in the light. Cited from The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods, by Hildegard G. Frey
  • Simultaneously, a gigantic figure arose at his side and bent over him. Cited from Jarwin and Cuffy, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • It isn't often one sees such a gigantic figure. Cited from Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, V1, Hauptmann
  • A gigantic figure, tawny and red, fought its way to the surface. Cited from Bob Son of Battle, by Alfred Ollivant
  • There against the sky, on the top of the sacred mountain, stood a gigantic figure shining in the sun. Cited from The Spartan Twins, by Lucy (Fitch) Perkins
  • The tradition made Hugh a gigantic figure, one who walked always on a plane above that on which other men lived. Cited from Poor White, by Sherwood Anderson
  • Moving objects were beginning to take on the loom of gigantic figures. Cited from The Sleuth of St. James Street, by M. D. Post
  • The walls are covered with gigantic figures in relief. Cited from Across India, by Oliver Optic
  • Far away beyond the city they could see the gigantic figure of Lylda, towering several hundred feet in the air. Cited from The Girl in the Golden Atom, by Raymond King Cummings
  • His attention was arrested for a moment by the sight of San Giacinto's gigantic figure. Cited from Sant' Ilario, by F. Marion Crawford
  • There on the slope was her husband, a gigantic figure outlined against the snow. Cited from The Knave of Diamonds, by Ethel May Dell
  • Every time I raised my eyes, heavy with fatigue, the first object upon which they fell was the gigantic figure of our mysterious friend. Cited from From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan, Blavatsky
  • The minister went down one day into a mine, and among the workmen saw a gigantic figure bent with hardship and age. Cited from Stories Worth Rereading, by Various
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