Gigantic Brain

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  • Info Gigantic Brain (sometimes abbreviated as The Brain) is an experimental grindcore and metal duo composed of John Brown and Mastin Simmons, which was formed in the early 2000s in Virginia, United States. more...
  • At one time all of the Gigantic Brain releases were available for free download on their website.
  • "Do you mean to say that your gigantic brain can't grasp that?" demanded the reporter. Cited from The Boy Aviators' Treasure Quest,Cpt Wilbur Lawton
  • After a two year hiatus from the project the announcement of a new Gigantic Brain album was made.
  • Gigantic Brain have very dense sound, often inspired by dark science fiction and futuristic concepts.
  • Gigantic Brain announced that the album's sound is to feature a "heavily updated" version of their production values and style.
  • Gigantic Brain began as a one-man drum-machine powered electronic grindcore and post-metal project created by John Brown.
  • So deep became the nature of N'guk's profound thoughts that they could be heard rolling like thunder among the caverns of his gigantic brain. Cited from Kai Lung's Golden Hours, by Ernest Bramah
  • On November 7 2013, Gigantic Brain began releasing singles leading up to the release of their upcoming album.
  • You may gather, therefore, what a shock it was to that gigantic brain to learn that science was rapidly reaching a point where his favourite gems might become all at once a mere drug in the market. Cited from An African Millionaire, by Grant Allen
  • When Mr. Skinner had departed Cappy sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, as was his habit when his gigantic brain grappled with a problem of more than ordinary dimensions. Cited from Cappy Ricks, by Peter B. Kyne
  • By the end of 2003, Gigantic Brain had recorded material for a full-length album which was to be titled "Our Bovine Destroyers".
  • In 2012 after a two year hiatus from the project, Gigantic Brain became a duo with the addition of producer and multi-instrumentalist Mastin Simmons.
  • The album would never see its own formal release, but in 2004 Gigantic Brain released the massive 63 track "The Invasion Discography" on Razorback Records.