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  • Why do we keep building gigantic schools when we have such promising data?
  • Here's this gigantic machine that's a million years further advanced than we are.
  • All of the competition in this world takes place aboard a gigantic train.
  • The fish is widely believed to be an old fish that has grown to a gigantic size.
  • Then before the three could escape, a gigantic avalanche fell from above them.
  • His people live in a gigantic tree called the Home Tree.
  • "Gigantic" was released as the band's first single later that year.
  • They all went into that business as it grew to gigantic proportions with the country.
  • The village is famous for its natural springs and gigantic trees.
  • He often appears as either a gigantic green fly, or a fly's head on two short human legs.
  • The ancient temple houses two gigantic foot prints, of human and dog, on the rock.
  • He thought of the TV film as a gigantic public service announcement.
  • The song and the music video both became gigantic hits.
  • Wildlife has seen gigantic growth on private land in Southern Africa in the last three decades.
  • When his powers return, he appears as a gigantic (as tall as the sky) handsome figure.
  • After much man-made commotion the creature is defeated, and they move on through the gigantic wooden door.
  • This gigantic body of ore is one of the largest in the world.
  • The boat gets away and the fairies use their magic to stop it growing a gigantic tree.
  • According to this later view, hiidet were often small in size, on some occasions gigantic.
  • It caused her to grow to gigantic stature during one battle.
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