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  • Later, he offers his sons a gift in the form of their new world.
  • He had already prepared this campaign using the numerous gifts presented to him.
  • In this case, the morning gift would support the wife and children.
  • He offered gifts to many in the military and much of the public.
  • Both leave the gifts, but are in most families not seen doing so.
  • Gift-giving is a form of transfer of property rights over particular objects.
  • His gifts were recognized and older men reached out to help him.
  • Invited family members and friends may bring gifts for the new home.
  • The captain was very pleased with his gift, and always kept it with him.
  • He was able to report clearly and rapidly, which he considered a gift.
  • One prominent example is scientific research, which can be described as a gift economy.
  • The town also has a small art gallery and gift shop to support area artists.
  • These people saw and heard the people whom received the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit.
  • In the desert it has all the value of a heaven-sent gift. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in 1850-51, Volume 1, by James Richardson
  • Native American tribes regularly practice gift giving as part of their social relations.
  • Exactly when the king made this gift letter, and under what circumstances it happened is unknown.
  • Through her efforts she received gifts for the poor from America.
  • They present her with gifts and wish her happiness before leaving.
  • His text was that all good and perfect gifts are from above.
  • It is also an important time to contact family in India and perhaps exchange gifts.
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Meaning of gift

  • noun Something acquired without compensation