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  • Info A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication or non-vocal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate particular messages, either in place of, or in conjunction with, speech. more...
  • They later put it in his car as a gesture of their support.
  • At the same time, the other player changes his hand gestures as well.
  • This gesture may form one basis for the development of human language.
  • His back was toward them and he gestured with one free hand. Cited from Moran of the Lady Letty, by Frank Norris
  • He did not gesture often but, when he did, it meant everything.
  • For example each gesture has only one corresponding command for each application window.
  • He believed every living thing was born with the ability to understood gestures on some level.
  • Then he gestured a line with his hand -- a line between, himself and her. Cited from The Moon out of Reach, by Margaret Pedler
  • He usually held a rolled up program in one hand during games and would often gesture with it.
  • He gestured toward the young man beside him and they shook hands in turn. Cited from Sabotage in Space, by Carey Rockwell
  • It was further felt that the correct physical gesture brought forth a change in character.
  • However, it had no power to remove the governor general and remained nothing more than a gesture.
  • These were also used to cover up offensive hand gestures as well.
  • She gestured at him to turn something over, turn it over and destroy. Cited from The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley
  • These games usually require no materials, and are played with spoken words or hand gestures.
  • He gestures with his right hand toward a battle scene.
  • One holds a large knife in his left hand and gestures with his right.
  • In basic sense, you talk through hand gestures, body language, thought track and many more physical features.
  • This meant that each character had four physical gestures which were repeated throughout the piece.
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Meaning of gesture

  • noun Motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling
  • noun The use of movements (especially of the hands) to communicate familiar or prearranged signals
  • noun Something done as an indication of intention
    a political gesture, a gesture of defiance