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  • He often used simple and geometrical forms to approach in his project.
  • The field independent can single out the figure from complex geometrical background.
  • This idea is that we scale the image size according to distance in a geometrical manner.
  • The part played by the geometrical set in its Berlin production was particularly notable.
  • Many of the new buildings built during this era followed a straight-lined, geometrical style.
  • In the next year, the geometrical lamp forms were replaced by different metal forms.
  • Many geometrical patterns exist and they are passed on from mother to daughter.
  • The field dependent do not see a simple figure in a complex geometrical background.
  • The great problems of modern construction must have a geometrical solution.
  • However, after she learned the techniques, she decided to go her own way by mostly working on geometrical sculptures.
  • The artist worked mainly with spaces and designed small living very geometrical spaces for humans.
  • Two distinct geometrical objects are said to intersect if they have a point in common.
  • The basic geometrical notion has been adapted in various ways to suit particular purposes.
  • For much of the twentieth century large buildings took the form of simple geometrical shapes.
  • Then the setting-out, which gives the figure and denotes particular geometrical objects by letters.
  • His earlier sculptures were very abstract and geometrical, and also quite large in size.
  • These geometrical ideas cannot be misconstrued or combined in a way that makes them false.
  • In geometrical terms, the square root function maps the area of a square to its side length.
  • Henry ordered the new streets to be designed in a rational, geometrical fashion, as they can still be seen today.
  • There is an interesting geometrical relationship among all these roots.
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