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  • Although best known for its geometric results, the Elements also includes number theory.
  • The answer is because the mean does not provide as much information as the geometric mean.
  • These early geometric methods do not appear to have had a general formula.
  • It is studied in its own right as an object of geometric interest in K-theory.
  • The geometric construction of arithmetic operations cannot be carried out in either of these cases.
  • The function (where the list elements are positive numbers) provides the geometric mean.
  • Instead, the geometric mean is simply where n is the number of steps from the initial to final state.
  • Given a geometric object X, one can consider functions on such objects.
  • In this case, all weight transfer at that end of the vehicle will be geometric in nature.
  • That is, one second is interpreted as one light-second, so time has the geometric units of length.
  • They present a great variety of geometric forms that produce sensations of movement or colour.
  • Patterns can be free form style or based on geometric figures.
  • Geometric patterns of the region are seen in his later works.
  • The later version has a far more geometric composition and the figures are much more contemplative.
  • The most recent painting, consisting of geometric figures, date to the medieval period.
  • You can get the same result every time for the geometric mean using a method that involves logarithms.
  • The philosophy behind the study of local fields is largely motivated by geometric methods.
  • Fractals are different from other geometric figures because of the way in which they scale.
  • The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins.
  • In geometric terms, one has to work with functions defined on some open, dense set of a given variety.
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  • adjective Of or relating to or determined by geometry