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  • This is because this idea would be expressed through the genitive case in Latin.
  • The genitive case is used in the German language to show possession.
  • Long terms can therefore be achieved through the use of these genitive connectors.
  • Another example is use of the genitive case where the dative case is required.
  • Thus, one does not distinguish between persons and things in the genitive.
  • An expanded list of prepositions taking the genitive case may be found here.
  • However, some verbs cannot be constructed otherwise, and thus genitive objects remain common language to some degree.
  • There are various other ways to indicate a genitive construction, as well.
  • Classes are only taken into account when using the genitive case (see table of personal pronouns below).
  • The corner of a stone hurt me; stone is the genitive case. Cited from Of the Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britan Tongue, Alexander Hume
  • Moreover, genitive phrases can be either head initial or head final in English.
  • They have the same forms for all cases of the possessed word, but they are only rarely used in the genitive case.
  • However, names of places should not be used as nouns in the genitive case.
  • They take an -s in the plural, but no specific mark in the genitive.
  • In such case, all but the final term take the construct state, and all but the first member take the genitive case.
  • Indeed, the genitive case has been widely out of use in most dialects of the German language for centuries.
  • It follows approximately the same rules as given above for Finnish, except that it has no genitive case.
  • Nouns must also be marked with one of the three basic cases: subject, object or genitive.
  • The species name is derived from the genitive case of the type locality.
  • If there is no other word carrying the strong ending of the genitive plural, the numbers must carry it.
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Meaning of genitive

  • noun The case expressing ownership