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  • Genital play usually begins in boys between six and seven months of age, and in girls at ten to eleven months.
  • The women are united because of the pain caused by the genital cutting.
  • The term female genital cutting is generally preferred among agencies working to end the practice.
  • She underwent female genital cutting when she was seven years old.
  • It may involve touching any part of the body including the genital area.
  • This suggests that if a man covers up just his genital area, he is considered clothed enough for public life.
  • In this stage, the main focus of the child is on discovering his or her genital region.
  • It is passed on through genital contact and is also found on areas that condoms do not cover.
  • Genital mutilation of girls and violent ill-treatment of women are still a matter of course.
  • The censor bars placed over their genital areas form figures on the screen.
  • Males and females also have different patterns of black and white skin in their genital areas.
  • This research has focused on both genital and self-reported sexual arousal measures.
  • Current laws apply only to genital exposure with intent to shock those who do not want to see them.
  • Female genital cutting was common, particularly in rural areas, and was performed on girls between the ages of six months to six years.
  • Children can discover the pleasure of genital stimulation naturally at an early age.
  • Adult males usually bear scars, most of them around the genital region.
  • The practice of female genital mutilation is common in the western, eastern and north-eastern regions of Africa.
  • When the male finds the female, he will coil around the female over the genital pore.
  • The same environmental microbes that were found on the male's genital were also found within the female.
  • The Genital stage is achieved if a person has met all of his or her needs throughout the other stages with enough available sexual energy.
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Meaning of genital

  • adjective Of or relating to the external sex organs
    genital herpes, venereal disease