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  • Her films had been great hits, and so her terms were very generous.
  • Of his large means he made generous provision for his mother and younger brother.
  • However, he was well known as a kind and generous soul.
  • Friends also collected a generous fund to care for her and her family.
  • One group was told that the people they would call would be generous and the collection would be very successful.
  • In turn, he was generous in support of the arts and artists.
  • She advised him that a generous peace would be to his political advantage.
  • The response was generous but not universal since the policy was adopted too late.
  • He was generous to the poor and popular with the people.
  • Again and again, people predicted that they would be more generous and kind than others.
  • Their generous use of it was actually intended as a source of comic relief.
  • A contract of employment can always be and often is more generous.
  • She became a huge star but she was also a loyal and generous friend.
  • In this legend, there was a generous man who gave the people whatever they needed.
  • Although his works were widely popular for many years, modern critics are far less generous in their praise.
  • Like other members of his family, he was a generous religious patron.
  • Conditions are generally much less generous for areas of colonial protection.
  • Third, he was very generous with those below him.
  • But she is the most generous one and in the end gives her life for what she believes in.
  • The campus grew over the years, mostly through donations of land by generous members.
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Meaning of generous

  • adjective Willing to give and share unstintingly
    a generous donation
  • adjective Not petty in character and mind
    unusually generous in his judgment of people