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  • Generationis is broken into three lines and contained within an elaborate frame in the right lower quadrant of the page.
  • He described these in his dissertation "Theoria Generationis" after observing them in his studies on chick embryos.
  • The initial 24 chapters of the first book are based on the anonymous Liber generationis which in turn is derived from the work of Hippolytus.
  • If I were to have asked them how to translate the first two words of Matthew "Liber Generationis" into German, not one of them would have been able to say "Quack!" Cited from An Open Letter on Translating by Martin Luther
  • It is still possible to see places where the original text was taken out, for example folio 19 recto, at the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew in the Liber Generationis.
  • They also believed in transmigration of souls, and in a [Greek: kuklos tes geneseos] (rota fati et generationis). Cited from Christian Mysticism, by William Ralph Inge
  • Here he secured his doctorate in his twenty-sixth year, and in his academic dissertation (November 28th, 1759), the Theoria generationis, expounded the new theory of a real development on a basis of epigenesis. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • For fully a century, from the year 1759, when Wolff's solid Theoria generationis appeared, until 1859, when Darwin published his famous Origin of Species, the real causes of the embryonic processes were quite unknown. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • These were republished under the title Prodromus historiae generationis hominis atque animalium (Leipzig, 1836).
  • Apart from the few germs of our science which we find in classical antiquity, and which we shall notice presently, we may say that it takes its definite rise, as a science, in the year 1759, when one of the greatest German scientists, Caspar Friedrich Wolff, published his Theoria generationis. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • In 1759 he graduated as an M.D. from the University of Halle with his dissertation "Theoria Generationis" where he revived and supported the theory of epigenesis previously proposed by Aristotle and William Harvey.
  • Caspar Wolff (1735-1794) had previously claimed to demonstrate this fact in the chick (Theoria Generationis, 1774), but he did not see its application as evidence of a general law.
  • Hundreds of such false nobles were denounced by Hieronim Nekanda Trepka in his Liber generationis plebeanorium (or Liber chamorum) in the first half of the 16th century.
  • The first has been considered in the preceding chapter; it embraces the whole of the preparatory period of research, and extends from Aristotle to Caspar Friedrich Wolff, or to the year 1759, in which the epoch-making Theoria generationis was published. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • Again, according to Locy, while Wolff's investigations for "Theoria Generationis" did not reach the level of Marcello Malpighi's, those of the paper of 1768 surpassed them and held the position of the best piece of embryological work up to that of Heinz Christian Pander and Karl Ernst von Baer.
  • Putatur autem istum Mahomet habuisse generationis ortum de Ismael Abrahae filio naturali de concubina Agar, vnde et vsque hodie quidam Sarracenorum dicuntur Ismaelitae, alij Agareni: sed et quidam Moabitae, et Ammonitae, a duobus Loth filijs Moab et Amon, genitis per incestum de proprijs filiabus. Cited from Principal Navigations, V8, by Richard Hakluyt