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  • But in recent years a generational change has taken place which has brought young families with children to the village.
  • These events can be multi-generational and wide open, or limited to a small specific group.
  • These popular television programs also explored generational change and conflict in working-class families.
  • This finding may suggests that each generation remember personal events and generational events.
  • This cross generational, television show helped to make them a household name.
  • Since the painting now existed on the original film, there would be no generational quality loss.
  • Together, they form one of the only three generational female painting dynasties known.
  • Each stage may have represented the inter-generational change from a chief to his successor.
  • She said she views it as a generational issue and said she believes it will be made legal in the future.
  • It thus remains to be seen whether this is an age or generational phenomenon.
  • These issues can be summarized under the overall concept of the generational order.
  • Sweet F.A. is an Australian generational game show currently in pre-production.
  • The theory has been influential in the fields of generational studies, marketing, and business management literature.
  • Seven of his twenty-one case studies are of inter-generational relationships.
  • This generational process is repeated until a termination condition has been reached.
  • Apart from generational names, siblings' names are frequently related in other ways as well.
  • After the performance, employees discuss and debate the generational differences they saw played out.
  • They are not claiming that there is no generational change at all.
  • Generational suffixes are used to distinguish persons who share the same name within a family.
  • There was no specific reason for the change of name, other than a generational change of cheer squad members.
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Meaning of generational

  • adjective Of or relating to a generation