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  • Info Gauntlgrym is a novel released in October 2010, written by fantasy author R. A. Salvatore set in the Forgotten Realms campaign world. more...
  • This story is set days after the events of Gauntlgrym and brings back both familiar and unfamiliar characters.
  • The story begins shortly after the events occurring in Gauntlgrym.
  • He appears in the novel Gauntlgrym, along with his dwarf friend Athrogate.
  • The tetralogy begins with Gauntlgrym which is set twenty-four years after the events of The Ghost King.
  • Eventually they reach Gauntlgrym and defeat the dwarf ghosts guarding the city.
  • Regis and Drizzt silently share doubts about this place being Gauntlgrym, upon seeing the buildings.
  • In the novel Gauntlgrym, it is revealed that Wulfgar lived a very long and healthy life, having several children and grandchilden before he finally died.
  • She informs them that the magical disturbances Dahlia has been sent to investigate come from Gauntlgrym.
  • Gauntlgrym debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at number 13.
  • Dor'crae is sent to investigate and returns with news of Gauntlgrym's location.
  • Gauntlgrym begins in the year 1409, DR in the dwarven complex of Mithral Hall.
  • He died of wounds in the ruins of Gauntlgrym, alongside Bruenor, after having carried him to a lever which saved the ancient ruins from destruction.
  • Their goal is the Forge of Gauntlgrym at the center of the city, reputed to have crafted the finest items in its day.
  • Obould is said to have died of old age in "Gauntlgrym" by R.A. Salvatore.
  • Gauntlgrym is also the twentieth book concerning one of Salvatore's famous characters, Drizzt Do'Urden.
  • Meanwhile Drizzt, Bruenor, and Pwent have continued to search for Gauntlgrym with no success.
  • Dahlia also searches for a way to get back to Gauntlgrym and to seal off the primordial, hoping this will lead to her freedom from Sylora.
  • The five enter Gauntlgrym whereupon Bruenor sits upon the dwarf king's throne and is enchanted with divine power and knowledge from the ancient dwarves.
  • Above all, King Bruenor regrets never completing his quest to find the legendary home of the Delzoun dwarves, Gauntlgrym.
  • Bruenor's group uncovers what is believed to be Gauntlgrym, but is revealed to be a city founded by dwarves on the surface, and co-inhabited by orcs.
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