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  • At night, the old gauntia had a strange dream.
  • She told the old gauntia to settle down there with the lands as far as his cows and bullocks were then taking rest.
  • The old gauntia stood there and pointing his right hand towards the rising sun, took an oath that in future he or his descendant would never cross the river Ang/Ong.
  • The gauntia had two sons named Kuvera Sahu and Amar Sahu and also a beautiful daughter.
  • Apprehending trouble, one night the old gauntia left the territory of Patnagarh with his family and belongings loaded in one hundred carts and a thousand cows and bullocks.
  • The music was composed by Prabhudutta Pradhan and the lyrics by Mitrabhanu Gauntia.
  • As per the tradition, there was a Kuilta gauntia family in Patnagarh in the reign of Raja Raisingh Dev as mentioned earlier.
  • One Kuilta gauntia (village headman) of Patnagarh fled away with his men and property, crossed the border, which was the Ong River, and entered into the territory of Sambalpur.
  • Written in the Sambalpuri dialect of Western Orissa by Mitrabhanu Gauntia, the song was set to music by Prabhudatta Pradhan and sung by Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel, two local artistes.
  • Prem Ram was the eldest of four sons born to Shri Malik Ram Dubey, the Gauntia (chief village headman) family of Anterdol Dandapat (chief village of a collection of 18 villages) presently Budhianchal, submerged in the Hirakud.