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  • Our cattle are some gaunted with the drive. Cited from A Man Four-Square, by William MacLeod Raine
  • He was getting round-shouldered and wore Specs and was all gaunted up, but he never weakened. Cited from People You Know, by George Ade
  • My herd had arrived at that market in bad condition, gaunted from almost constant stampedes at night, and I had gone into camp some distance from town to quiet and recuperate them. Cited from Reed Anthony, Cowman, by Andy Adams
  • Then I noticed their gaunted condition, and in sympathy for the poor brutes unsaddled and picketed them in a secluded spot. Cited from A Texas Matchmaker, by Andy Adams
  • Why didn't yuh up In' starve me fer a week or two, so'st I'd be gaunted up realistic? Cited from The Heritage of the Sioux by B. M. Bower
  • With Indian raids, frenzy in stampeding, and an unavoidable dry drive, the cattle had gaunted like rails. Cited from Reed Anthony, Cowman, by Andy Adams
  • Gaunted she was, but I didn't suspect her mind was contaminated none till I sprung Chester Timmins on her as a good marrying bet. Cited from Somewhere in Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson