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  • On the next day, however, another one thousand students gathered at the church.
  • Fine artists gather and share their work in shows and among one another.
  • They gathered all the white settlers in the area into the local church.
  • Upon arrival, they soon joined forces with those already gathered at the Square.
  • They did not live in houses as such, but in small yards gathered together near each other.
  • The new buildings were built of native "red rock" gathered in nearby fields.
  • The Council gathered frequently and represented the principal body of government of the kingdom.
  • He would then gather the notes and type them up at home.
  • It has this name because all of the university's courses are gathered there.
  • Many of the most important facts are well known or may be gathered from public sources.
  • Instead, he'd often look down at the floor and gather his thoughts.
  • A great crowd gathered in the evening of the fourth day.
  • Khan claimed that he will gather more than million people in the march.
  • People from whole city and different parts of the state gathers here for their book.
  • The day the soldiers came, the people were gathered together.
  • He gathered a group who appeared in numerous films.
  • Several local residents gathered to watch the film being shot.
  • His work was part of a larger European effort to gather knowledge about the natural world.
  • The work of getting the cold storage plant operating immediately gathered speed.
  • We are the ones who gather the food and till the fields.
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Meaning of gather

  • noun Sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching
  • noun The act of gathering something
  • verb Assemble or get together
    gather some stones, pull your thoughts together
  • verb Conclude from evidence
    I gather you have not done your homework
  • verb Draw together into folds or puckers
  • verb Draw and bring closer
    she gathered her shawl around her shoulders
  • verb Look for (food) in nature
    Our ancestors gathered nuts in the Fall