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  • Info Garnishment is an American legal order for collecting a monetary judgment on behalf of a plaintiff from a defendant. more...
  • Thus, garnishment wasn't possible, because he could claim that he had no net worth.
  • In some cases, the glass is so highly decorative, that it could be considered a garnishment to the drink, too.
  • In such cases plaintiffs might move for wage garnishment based on the judgment.
  • States may also prohibit garnishment altogether in certain circumstances.
  • The Roman god of wine, frequently invoked in the garnishment of Latin and Italian speech. Cited from Browning's Shorter Poems, by Robert Browning
  • Many of her early legislative efforts centered around juvenile issues and limiting garnishment of wages.
  • Those deductions would be made only after calculating the amount of the garnishment or levy.
  • Some sources persist in using other garnishment than the onion into the 1930s and beyond, but still none use bitters.
  • Garnishment is generally directed to the debtor's bank accounts and accounts receivable.
  • Wage garnishment can negatively affect credit, reputation, and the ability to receive a loan or open a bank account.
  • So much he gained that in three years' time he had gotten him more than three hundred pounds of garnishment, out-taken his plenishing, which was well worth fifty pounds. Cited from Old French Romances, by William Morris
  • Farabee sponsored a constitutional amendment to allow garnishment of wages for child support.
  • In many American jurisdictions, attachment of earnings is treated the same as, or is just called, garnishment.
  • There were a number of other aids to judgment-debt collection in the system: for example, property attachment and garnishment of wages.
  • Garnishment can not be used to take ownership of copyrights owned by the debtor, or of insurance policies.
  • Loans and negotiations with creditors can also help debtors to avoid wage garnishment.
  • Whiskey- and brandy-based drinks tend toward minimal garnishment, if any.
  • Revolutionizing how dressmaking had been previously perceived, Worth made it so the dressmaker became the artist of garnishment: a fashion designer.
  • The judgment may be collected through wage garnishment and liens.
  • So far it has been used mostly for garnishment of other dishes, and it is only recently that the Hof Brau has been making a specialty of them. Cited from Bohemian San Francisco, by Clarence E. Edwords
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  • noun A court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee