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  • Gang culture was a feature in all seven seasons beginning with the first episode.
  • The gang's actions would soon force police to take action against them.
  • The entire gang was later turned in by the wife of one of the leaders.
  • It looked as if the house were the gang's meeting-place. Cited from The Master Detective, by Percy James Brebner
  • This would be the gang's most successful bank job to date.
  • Two other gang members were also executed for their part in the murder.
  • During this time he organized his own gang in the prison.
  • They are getting close to an age where they might decide to join the gang.
  • Most prison gangs do more than offer simple protection for their members.
  • Other members of her gang also surrendered at the same time with her.
  • A special task force was created in order to help prevent gang-related crimes.
  • Many types of gangs make up the general structure of an organized group.
  • Field slaves were generally divided into three gangs based on their ability to work.
  • They meet the rest of the gang, now led by Action.
  • They formed in order to protect themselves from other prison gangs at the time.
  • Most recent work includes a band he formed and named The Jones Gang.
  • These players soon became a large part of the Over-the-Hill Gang defense.
  • A full-scale war soon broke out between the two gangs.
  • At the age of ten, he was beaten by a gang of police officers.
  • He was the fifth member of the gang to die, despite being the youngest.
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Meaning of gang

  • noun An association of criminals
    police tried to break up the gang, a pack of thieves
  • noun An organized group of workmen
  • noun Tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together
  • verb Act as an organized group