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  • Its north end has a double door and single window in the gable field.
  • Some of the more prominent features of the town hall are its high gables.
  • The houses were built with the long side, never the gable, toward the street.
  • Sometimes the gables were set at the front and back, and other times at each side.
  • The north and south ends of this east building also have shaped gables.
  • Paris Gables is currently the company's main contract star, and has also directed.
  • The east gable wall has three doors allowing access to the wheel itself.
  • The houses are located along a north-south main street with the gables facing the street.
  • Many of them are constructed in the local Bay-and-gable style.
  • Today a single gable end wall stands in private property, although it is visible from the road.
  • Each side includes two towers at each end and a central section with a tall gable.
  • Gable ordered the scene removed because he felt that his character would never steal a woman from another man.
  • The south side has a strong Dutch influence in its 17th-century gables.
  • The roof was a double gable, the central valley supported by the internal wall.
  • Together with the two windows in the west gable, the room was well supplied with good light.
  • They built two-story front-gable frame houses, as well as free-standing rowhouses.
  • Clark Gable returned, twenty-one years later, to play the same character.
  • It is a small one story building with a gable roof.
  • At the west end, the gable-end is constructed of wood.
  • A small, wood frame summer kitchen was added to the south gable of the south wing.
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Meaning of gable

  • noun The vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof
  • noun United states film actor (1901-1960)