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  • These efforts proved to be futile, and the search was eventually called off.
  • It is futile to attempt to read any order into their plan or any connected theme.
  • They do not understand it and it would be futile to try to make them understand.
  • The soldiers had come to believe that the attacks they were ordered to make were futile.
  • A radio could be heard playing music in his apartment but attempts to contact him proved futile.
  • When she sees that her efforts are futile she starts to make trouble for the couple.
  • Others who came to believe that further resistance would be futile, wanted to seek the best settlement they could get.
  • The police arrive on the scene, making several futile attempts to enter the building.
  • This is a futile question, because nobody can see beyond the present.
  • However, those efforts became futile as the industry took over and people sought the money that could be made on the land.
  • Alex is present, though he only stands aside and tells them how futile their attempts are.
  • After a couple of futile attempts they managed to chip some pieces off it.
  • You don't send soldiers to carry out a futile mission after the political outcome has already been set.
  • On the return journey he observed another airfield and made futile attempts to contact he group leader.
  • After a futile resistance, all three were killed by the overwhelming enemy force.
  • Jones never caught on, and continued the futile search for hours.
  • Until last four decades most of the land was futile.
  • Widespread public support for preserving the building on its original site proved futile.
  • The team's valiant efforts were futile in any case, as other results went against them.
  • His efforts are always futile, and he usually harms himself in the effort.
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