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  • Info Fusion (also called synthesis) is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.
  • Its primary mission is research into and development of fusion as an energy source.
  • The most important fusion process in nature is the one that powers stars.
  • This process changes mass into energy which in may be captured to provide fusion power.
  • This type of report also became part of subsequent cold fusion claims.
  • Research into nuclear fusion started in the early part of the 20th century.
  • A few other research groups however reported successful reproductions of cold fusion during this time.
  • Any power plant using fusion will hold in this hot cloud.
  • This was reported as the first time this had been accomplished in fusion power research.
  • He was also the first to create table-top nuclear fusion.
  • Fusion has sometimes been used by other third parties.
  • Cultural practices including traditional music can be lost or turned into a fusion of traditions.
  • There is currently no accepted theoretical model which would allow cold fusion to occur.
  • A fusion power plant may be designed with a nuclear island and the balance of plant.
  • Fusion eventually became generally accepted as relatively more important than composition below a given low carbon concentration.
  • The club since has experienced numerous fusions and name changes.
  • Nuclear fusion powers a star for most of its life.
  • Just like other types of popular food, tteokbokki went through various fusions.
  • Some refer to celebrity as another fusion, when individuals take key social roles.
  • However, as with other fusion experiments, development into a power source has proven difficult.
  • His early albums were a fusion of rock, folk music, soul music and R&B.
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Meaning of fusion

  • noun An occurrence that involves the production of a union
  • noun The merging of adjacent sounds or syllables or words
  • noun A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy
  • noun The combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept
  • noun Correction of an unstable part of the spine by joining two or more vertebrae; usually done surgically but sometimes done by traction or immobilization
  • noun The act of fusing (or melting) together