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  • Furthermore, in some cities technical schools were established for middle and lower class children.
  • Furthermore, these women became religious role models for the young men.
  • Furthermore, no more than two had to be of the same sex.
  • Furthermore, no study has shown any drug to be specific for language recovery.
  • Furthermore, both were written for the same theatre company and audience.
  • Furthermore, the public was too consumed with their daily lives to care about complex public policy.
  • He acted, furthermore, as a sort of general editor for the project as well.
  • Furthermore, in some cultures sons are expected to take care of their parents in their old age.
  • Furthermore the museum hosts several exhibitions of national and international artists during the year.
  • Furthermore, streaming media is increasingly being used for social business and e-learning.
  • Furthermore, many feel as if their inability to hear others during conversation is their fault.
  • Furthermore, within a single individual, mental models change with time, even during the flow of a single conversation.
  • Furthermore, the trees are sensitive to temperature changes during the winter season.
  • Furthermore, they can either interact directly, or through a third party.
  • Furthermore, arguments may be presented regarding the concept of civil religion and new world belief systems.
  • Furthermore, families whose names are not on these lists were permitted to continue using the older forms.
  • Furthermore, most of these programs allow using just one of the two larger panes with the second hidden.
  • Furthermore, government should be carried on by elected representatives.
  • Furthermore, there may be surprises that will give us opportunities to learn about nature.
  • Furthermore new features are being added to the standard all the time which means they have patent protection for a number of years.
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Meaning of furthermore

  • adverb In addition; furthermore, their quality is improving"; moreover, mice nested there"
    computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time, the cellar was dark, what is more, there's no sign of a change