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  • He drove himself furiously and within a year he was a major general.
  • He also has begun to furiously work on writing his own opera.
  • Cannot the captain see how the waves break furiously before him? Cited from Earth's Enigmas, by Charles G. D. Roberts
  • Every moment the sea got up higher, and the wind blew more furiously. Cited from Mark Seaworth, by William H.G. Kingston
  • Attack as soon and as often and as furiously as you wish. Cited from The Tyranny of Weakness, by Charles Neville Buck
  • I remember one from a man in America who was quite furiously angry. Cited from Notes on My Books, by Joseph Conrad
  • Though checked for a moment, they soon returned to the attack more furiously than before. Cited from The Settler and the Savage, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Then the twelve rode furiously away, six to the north and six to the south.
  • She struggled furiously, but the man held her as though she were a child. Cited from The Angel of Terror, by Edgar Wallace
  • Very furiously he began to hunt all around the kitchen in the most impossible places. Cited from Peace on Earth, Good-will to Dogs, by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  • And when at last they drew away from each other his eyes asked her furiously a question, asked it of her eyes. Cited from The Call of the Blood, by Robert Smythe Hichens
  • However, when in battle he will fight furiously with powerful techniques.
  • As if he sensed that movement in her, he turned upon her furiously. Cited from The Coast of Chance, by Esther Chamberlain and Lucia Chamberlain
  • The queen rose furiously, and went into the next room. Cited from The Queen's Necklace, by Alexandre Dumas
  • We worked at them furiously but suddenly I heard a shout and looked up.
  • The cross and the half-moon were fighting furiously for the upper hand in Spain. Cited from Legends of the Rhine, by Wilhelm Ruland
  • And both sides suffered furiously before the French gave back. Cited from The Eagle of the Empire, by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • At length it seemed to those who stood on deck that the wind did not blow so furiously as before. Cited from The Golden Grasshopper, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • The wind blew more furiously than ever, the darkness also seemed increased. Cited from Mark Seaworth, by William H.G. Kingston
  • Upon arrival, they locked themselves in their Valley apartment and began writing furiously.
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Meaning of furiously

  • adverb (of the elements) in a wild and stormy manner
    winds were blowing furiously
  • adverb In a manner marked by extreme or violent energy
    the boys fought furiously, she went peddling furiously up the narrow street
  • adverb In an impassioned or very angry manner
    she screamed furiously at her tormentors