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  • Each province was to be represented by its arms at the royal funeral.
  • His family agreed to a full state funeral for the former president.
  • Michael could see no point in meeting his father and did not attend the funeral.
  • Contemporary newspapers reported that her funeral was attended by about seven thousand people.
  • It was there that his father died and the funeral was held.
  • Even if killed in the line of duty, no military funerals were allowed.
  • One may only go to the funeral if one is invited.
  • He represented the club at the funerals of the eight players who died.
  • It was her first major public appearance since the funeral.
  • The funerals of many prominent people have taken place there over the last century.
  • I probably go to a great many more funerals than you do, so take it from me.
  • No funeral was held for him, and his wife never revealed his burial site.
  • This did not occur; the former first lady accompanied her husband on the funeral train.
  • A dog is essential in the funeral process because it is able to see death.
  • He had given away his great wealth to his poor subjects, leaving nothing to pay for his funeral.
  • His funeral was followed by a large number of people, perhaps among the highest ever seen in Rome.
  • She was unable to attend her mother's funeral due to her injuries.
  • The funeral may last for as much as a week.
  • Upon his death, as he requested, he had no memorial or funeral service.
  • The funerals of his mother, brother and sister were all held in his absence.
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Meaning of funeral

  • noun A ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated
    hundreds of people attended his funeral