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  • It goes beyond them both in at least one fundamental way, however.
  • The medium has been a popular and fundamental means of public expression throughout human history.
  • For example, the fundamental group of the figure eight is the free group on two letters.
  • It could be considered that in this approach lies the most fundamental nature of the question.
  • However, the term fundamental physical constant is also used in other ways.
  • This debate over whether human rights are more fundamental than economic rights has continued to the present day.
  • Every man-made product is composed of natural resources (at its fundamental level).
  • Both the team and the band have to perfect their fundamentals before they can do anything else.
  • She learned many of the fundamentals of the game from her brother Robert.
  • After they stopped trying to teach me the fundamentals all over again, it got better.
  • The church could no longer rest quietly upon its fundamentals and history.
  • The most fundamental change in the student population was the increasing proportion of women students.
  • It seemed that such a large number of particles could not all be fundamental.
  • Current opportunity for research impact lies mainly in fundamental research and practical manufacturing.
  • During his final year as a student, he taught a course on visual fundamentals.
  • My father did not attempt to touch the fundamentals of her faith. Cited from The Promised Land, by Mary Antin
  • Students must take core courses in the fundamentals of management and complete them within their first year.
  • Every child has certain fundamentals need which must be met.
  • There he learned the fundamentals of running a business and how to bring a product to market.
  • They provide fundamental tools for the construction of models of first-order theories.
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Meaning of fundamental

  • noun Any factor that could be considered important to the understanding of a particular business
    fundamentals include a company's growth, revenues, earnings, management, and capital structure
  • noun The lowest tone of a harmonic series