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  • This game is very challenging and could be frustratingly so to some players.
  • While this was more realistic, many players also found it frustratingly difficult, particularly in combat.
  • Frustratingly, over the past two albums, he's failed to exploit that freedom.
  • Frustratingly, it's the set's more chart-friendly cuts that let it down.
  • He frustratingly joined Shenyang but quickly picked up an injury, which saw him miss much of his first season with club.
  • Frustratingly little is known about the life and career of Agresta, including neither the circumstances of his birth or death.
  • Panufnik continued to find it frustratingly difficult to get permission to travel to the States.
  • The flight crew frustratingly tried to locate the runway in an attempt to land.
  • Most frustratingly he did not wish to be 'restrained' and failed to visit the actual pavilion itself.
  • Vibe gave it two-and-a-half stars out of five and called it "frustratingly uneven".
  • The game ranged from fairly easy to frustratingly near impossible.
  • The next few years would be frustratingly unfulfilling for a county expecting great things after the events of 1992.
  • These possibilities are investigated, but the detectives come up frustratingly empty-handed at every turn.
  • For several years the French had frustratingly little to show for the enormous military efforts they were making to crush the insurgency.
  • Two promising CONADEIP drives ended frustratingly with failed field goal attempts.
  • The next season started frustratingly though, as players salaries went unpaid, and the squad began to disintegrate.
  • Mr. Vance gets home to his apartment building and frustratingly has to share the elevator with two other attendants.
  • It also happens to be one of the most frustratingly difficult aspects of Pidgin for non-native speakers to understand.
  • However, frustratingly for him, his sentence remained unchanged.
  • The two noted that the "X-File in itself is an interesting concept, but left frustratingly vague."
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