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  • His coach was so frustrated with him he threw him off the team.
  • Then she asks her already frustrated daughter-in-law to kill her off!
  • You would help these men to hunt me and frustrate me in my design! Cited from Dracula, by Bram Stoker
  • While you ask me to protect her she is doing all she can to frustrate me. Cited from Mystery of the Yellow Room, by Gaston Leroux
  • If this were his view there were no means in my power to frustrate it. Cited from Wieland, The Transformation, by Charles B. Brown
  • If this were his view, there were no means in my power to frustrate it. Cited from Stories by Modern American Authors: Scribners Ed.
  • His reign was frustrated by political problems and when he died, little had been achieved.
  • She would later describe her mother as having "put all her frustrated love into me."
  • However, Robert became frustrated when he was unable to perfect his new device.
  • I might be forced into measures, which might entirely frustrate my purpose. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 2 (of 9),by Samuel Richardson
  • Initially positive about the films, he soon grew frustrated with them.
  • We cannot frustrate it in its working; are we just to it in our idea of it? Cited from Unspoken Sermons, by George MacDonald
  • Frustrated by her independence, the family has cut off her money, as the count had already done.
  • He became frustrated with the few roles he was being offered and began doing dinner theater.
  • If your mother can do any thing to frustrate it, be sure that she will come to your assistance. Cited from Prince Eugene, by Louisa Muhlbach
  • Feeling frustrated, some of them began to meet on their own for Bible study.
  • As might have been expected, the enemy of all good set every engine at work to frustrate the design. Cited from Venerable Mother Mary of the Incarnation, by Anon
  • We wanted the same good causes to win, and we wanted to frustrate the same evil projects. Cited from The Adventure of Living, by John St. Loe Strachey
  • He felt extremely frustrated and told his father in dismay he wanted to stop playing football.
  • One of them may have intended to frustrate the other's design, and to effect his own. Cited from Darwiniana, by Asa Gray
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