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  • His second term was much longer and much more fruitful than the first one.
  • Her next season at the top level was a lot less fruitful than the first.
  • But the parents shows them other fruitful means to shape their lives.
  • Their partnership was so fruitful that they both decided they could make it on their own.
  • Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.
  • The artist's hard and fruitful work continued up to the very last days of his life.
  • The season proved fruitful as the club finished fourth at the end of the home and away season.
  • This turned out to be most fruitful period of his career.
  • This was perhaps the most fruitful year of his short career.
  • This period became the most fruitful period of his academic life.
  • He stayed a few months and when it is not fruitful and then moved on.
  • During the 1930s his fruitful activities as a professional writer began to take off.
  • Love is the fruitful source of all else that is beautiful and noble in life. Cited from Christianity and Ethics, by Archibald B. C. Alexander
  • He turned entirely to composition and developed a fruitful activity in this area.
  • This was one of her most fruitful years as a player.
  • However, it was soon clear that the marriage was not to be a fruitful union.
  • The decade that followed would see the concept playing an ever more important and fruitful part in his thinking.
  • This would be the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship for both of us.
  • Their success attracted many famous musical names and many fruitful cooperations had been born.
  • This time Parks agreed and the two quickly formed a close and fruitful working relationship.
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Meaning of fruitful

  • adjective Productive or conducive to producing in abundance
    be fruitful and multiply