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  • The army was set up to face the enemy frontally, and divided into three groups.
  • The front cover showed them frontally nude while the rear cover showed them from behind.
  • Both types viewed frontally appeared to have separate top and bottom parts, although both parts were fixed together.
  • The group consists of three women frontally oriented, standing in a row upon a base.
  • The position was well chosen, and the French had no option except to attack it frontally.
  • They are represented usually frontally and often seem to float in space.
  • But to storm the house frontally, without being absolutely sure, would be folly. Cited from The Drums Of Jeopardy, by Harold MacGrath
  • It is not worth while to fire them frontally. Cited from The First Hundred Thousand, by Ian Hay [AKA: Major John Hay Beith]
  • The image shows a broken form of the god in a strict frontally standing pose.
  • Its shape was intended to prevent shells from striking the castle frontally.
  • Finally, the Japanese attacked frontally, failing to consider the greater Chinese numbers.
  • Another scene features two prepubescent boys undressing, one of whom is shown frontally naked.
  • They usually depict a single person, showing the head, or head and upper chest, viewed frontally.
  • This was the only time in the campaign when German armour frontally attacked a strongly held fortified position.
  • The first depictions show Christ standing frontally, apparently at rest, standing on defeated beasts.
  • We must rise against fanaticism, we must attack it frontally and with eradicate it to its roots.
  • However, he stormed down the hill and attacked to Turkish troops frontally.
  • Her larger, less obscured body is turned frontally on the picture plane, which emphasizes her importance.
  • Its complex contrapposto has been much admired, appearing to position the figure both frontally and in profile.
  • The other half of the troops of the Three Leagues attacked the fortifications frontally all the same.
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How frontally gets used

Meaning of frontally

  • adverb In, at, or toward the front